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Meet Dr Lucinda Slavin

Welcome to our newest team member Lucinda!

Lucinda graduated from The University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Science (1995) and from Macquarie University with a Masters of Chiropractic (1998).

She has been in private practice on the Northern Beaches for the past 26 years, where she is running a practice that focuses on the body’s natural healing mechanisms by working with

the spine, extremities, biomechanics and nervous systems.

Lucinda has also been a lecturer and tutor at Macquarie University for the past 22 years to the 4 th year Chiropractic students, teaching Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation. Her background in teaching extends to clinic, as she enjoys educating her patients about their condition, treatment plans and options to achieve their functional goals.

Whether seeking relief from acute or chronic discomfort or striving for enhanced function, her tailored personalised plans can help you get there.

We sat down with her to learn a bit more about her background as a chiropractor as well as what she's like outside of work.

How long have you been a chiropractor?

I have been practicing as a Chiropractor since graduating from Macquarie University in 1997. So this is my 26th year in practice!

What was your experience before Realign Health?

I have been in practice on the Northern Beaches since the beginning of my career. I have also worked at a few clinics (Willoughby and Merrylands) throughout this time, helping fill in positions for friends when needed. I am also a teacher at Macquarie University. I have teaching for 20 years. I teach the 4th year students Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation, a special area of interest of mine.

What did you like about Realign Health and what was your reason for joining our team?

As soon as I walked in to Realign Health I felt so at home. Jess, and the girls are a fabulous team who made me welcome. I enjoy the team environment, knowing that I can refer to another practitioner for complimentary care, and knowing that the girls share my philosophy on patient centred care.

Why did you choose to become a chiropractor, and why do you love it?

I initially became interested in Chiropractic when I was a school student. I loved anything related to sports, and was always fascinated with the human body. I developed a curiosity about the mechanics of movement and the capacity of the human body to heal, and how function can affect health. Chiropractic was suggested to me by my careers adviser at school. I went to visit a few Chiro’s, and that was it! It made complete sense. The rest is history!

What do you love the most about your profession?

I enjoy working one on one with patients and getting to know them. I love the challenge of getting to the root cause of someone’s complaint, and not getting lost in the symptom. The key dysfunction may be from a past trauma, repetitive strain or dysfunction of a key area. I love studying someone’s functional capacity and trying to restore their functional capacities. I enjoy reading and keeping up to date with the latest research, keeping an open mind for new knowledge One of my favourite quotes is from Professor Karel Lewitt “He who treats the site of pain is lost’.

How do you try to relax in your downtime?

I love to hang with my family and 2 dogs. I have 3 children who keep me very busy. We love to go to the beach, or go paddleboarding down at the Spit where the dogs can jump on our boards and come along for the ride.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Sadly it’s a nice glass of red wine and chocolates, reading a good book up to all hours!

If you weren't a Chiropractor, what would you be doing?

Hmm… tricky question! I guess it would have to have something to do with health. Occupational therapy has always interested me. Though I have often thought being a Nutritionist would also be a fabulous career (plus much easier on my body!)

What are you most excited about doing at Realign Health?

I look forward to continuing to learn and grow, and be surrounded by a team of professionals that, like myself, have the patients best interests at heart.

Book now to see how Lucinda can help.


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