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Meet Nathan- Physiotherapist

Meet Nathan, our Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist with over 13 years of clinical excellence in private practice and sports physiotherapy. With a special interest on the lower limb, tendon injuries and rehabilitation following joint and bone injuries, Nathan is dedicated to assisting athletes and active individuals on their journey to optimal health.

Nathan's wealth of experience transcends a single treatment area. Whether you require post-operative care, relief from lower back or neck pain, or alternatives to surgery, Nathan's versatility ensures comprehensive and personalised solutions.

Having worked in diverse landscapes such as collision, field, endurance, and snow sports, Nathan has a deep knowledge of their demands, the injuries that can result and their rehab.  Nathan currently serves as a physiotherapy provider for the Olympic Winter Institute of Australia providing services to the Snowboard Cross team while on the road. 

For almost a decade, Nathan served as the lead physiotherapist for Shute Shield rugby clubs Gordon and Northern Suburbs, showcasing not only his prowess in athlete treatment but also his collaborative spirit with coaches and support staff in high-performance settings. These skills seamlessly transfer to his patient care, where he engages with personal trainers, medical practitioners, and coaches to ensure holistic well-being beyond the physio practice. 

At the heart of Nathan's patient-centric approach is a commitment to addressing fundamental questions: 

What is the issue at hand?

What actionable steps can be taken?

How can Physiotherapy contribute to the solution?

How long can I expect it to take? 

Nathan's responses to these queries are always customized to align with your unique goals and aspirations, whether it involves resuming sports or regaining function to enhance overall activity levels.  

Key areas of interest include,

  • Post op, tendon and joint rehab

  • Snow and Water sports

  • Field sports, running and triathlon 

  • Strength and conditioning 

We asked Nathan some questions to get to know him better!

What are your hobbies? Family, swimming and snow sports.

How do you stay fit and healthy? Gym and Swimming

How do you relax? Sleep

What is your guilty pleasure? Instant coffee

What would people be surprised to know about you? I have never eaten a Big Mac or seen the movie Titanic

If you weren't a physio what would you be doing? Trying to be a Physio

What are you most excited about doing at Realign Health? Starting up and bringing a new service to the clinic.

Book now to see how Nathan can help you relieve pain or improve your athletic performance. 


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