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Meet our Nutritionist Mayara

We are delighted to welcome Mayara!

Mayara is a qualified Clinical Nutritionist with over 15 years’ experience.

How long have you been a nutritionist? 

I`ve been a Nutritionist for 15 years. I`ve started my studies with a Technical Certificate in Nutrition and Dietetics, followed by bachelor’s degree and Postgraduates in Clinical Nutrition and Phytotherapy. 


What was your experience before Realign Health? 

In the past, my main work used to be a Dietitian in hospitals/clinics. Since I`ve moved to Australia, 7 years ago, I have worked in nutrition sales combined with my private practice both online and face to face consultations. 


What did you like about Realign Health and what was your reason for joining our team? 

I`ve selected key companies whose mission statements are in line with my values, Realign Health was on top of the list, also the company`s emphasis on education. I appreciate brainstorming ideas with team to pursue a mutual goal.  


Why did you choose to become a nutritionist, and why do you love it? 

As far as I remember since high school, choosing what I`d love to do, Nutrition came up as first option. My passion is to help people achieving their health goals through Nutrition and how the combination of food and nutrients can improve their health significantly. 


What do you love the most about your profession? 

I love most about my profession seeing clients results and nutrient`s synergy. 


How do you try to relax in your downtime? 

I love spending some time at the beach, watching a movie or TV series, going to the cinema, catching up with friends, spending quality time with my partner and relaxing at home. 


What is your guilty pleasure?   

Having a relaxing massage in the middle of the week to release tension.  


What would people be surprised to know about you? 

People would be surprised about knowing that casually I do modelling/acting jobs. 


If you weren't a nutritionist, what would you be doing? 

I`d be doing Journalism which it was my second option at uni. 


What are you most excited about doing at Realign Health? 

Helping clients to achieve their health goals and seeing them referring Realign Health to family and friends. Learning new skills from the team.  

Make a booking now to let Mayara get your nutrition back on track


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