Meet Renato DeBari

This month we welcome Dr Renato DeBari to our team as a Chiropractor! We sat down with him to get to know him a bit better.

How long have you been a chiropractor?

I started at Macquarie University in 2015 and graduated my Masters in 2021

What was your experience before Realign Health?

I have been a personal trainer since 2005

What did you like about Realign Health and what was your reason for joining our team?

Jess and the team at Realign health clinic were friendly, welcoming made me feel at home and part of the team the moment I walked through the door.

Furthermore, at Realign Health Clinic I was given the chance to practice in a way that would allow me to use my experience that I acquired in the fitness industry and knowledge gained as a competitive athlete for over 10 years.

Most importantly Jess is passionate about furthering my knowledge and skills as a Chiropractor.

Why did you choose to become a chiropractor, and why do you love it?

My passion and persistent intrigue to learn about the body drew me to sign up at Macquarie Uni. Which would enable me to learn about anatomy, physiology, and human biomechanics at the highest level.

I was seeing a Chiropractor in my early 20’s for lower back pain because of high-volume training with weights and martial arts. From the 1st visit to the Chiropractor I noticed a reduction in pain and better performance in my sport and everyday life.

I said to myself, I wish I had the skills and knowledge to help people get out of pain and help get them moving again. So it wasn’t long after I made the leap to become a Chiro.

What do you love the most about your profession?

Helping people understand more about how amazing the body is at the power of healing. Satisfaction of getting people out of pain and moving again. Helping patients to understand that the body is strong and loves movement.

Educating and reassuring the patient that there are more than one way to deal with chronic pain and it does not have to, hinder you everyday activities.

How do you try to relax in your downtime?

Listen to Jazz, enjoy getting massages, reading, catching up with friends and family. Training watching movies and shopping. Going for motorbike rides.

What is your guilty pleasure?


What would people be surprised to know about you?

I love to travel and read up about history.

If you weren't a Chiropractor, what would you be doing?

Personal trainer and using all my spare time to travel and train

What are you most excited about doing at Realign Health?

Helping people in the local community with their health and getting their bodies moving the way they should be.

If you'd like to book a Chiropractic session with Renato, view his opening hours here.