Your first experience with Realign Health Clinic should be a warm and welcoming one. We understand unknown or chronic conditions can cause a great deal of stress and angst, so we want to put you at ease from the moment you arrive.

As an overarching goal, we also want to give out clients a sense of empowerment and for them to become the best version of themselves. 

At Realign Health Clinic we understand that health is multifaceted – from physical and emotional to biochemical. Our goal is to create an environment that treats and supports conditions related to each of these with truly professional and relevant services, personal encouragement and, of course, the greatest of care.

Sandy Beach

(02) 9560 1300

138 Marion Street, Leichhardt

Sydney, 2040


Monday 2-7pm

Tuesday 8-12pm

Wednesday 2-7pm

Thursday 8-12pm

Friday 9-12pm, 2-6pm

Saturday 8-12pm


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