What the minimum age to do a genetic testing?

Genetic testing can be done once a baby is born. Our DNA stays the same throughout our entire lifetime. Children learn faster at a younger age. Each talent has its own sensitive developmental period. For example, the sensitive developmental period for music talent is 2-5 years old, memory 2-12 years old, sports 2-12 years old, art 2-15 years old. The earlier their inbotn talents are discovered, the faster parents can strategize the most suitable developmental plan during their sensitive developmental period.

How frequent does my child need a genetic test?

You only need to perform a genetic test ONCE in a lifetime. Our DNA would not change throuhgout our lifetime.

Do you need to draw blood from my child to do a genetic test?

No, this process does not involve drawing blood. We can obtain your DNA from the buccal epithelial (skin on your inner cheeks) cells and white blood cells found in your saliva.

Do I need to bring my child to Neucleus's office to do the test?

No. Once you've made a purchase, we will courier a cheek cell collection swab and you can collect the cheek cells with video guidance at the comforts of your own home. Once you've collected the cheek cells, all ou need to do is mail it back to us with the provided prepaid envelope. Shipping cost is covered.

Does cheek cell DNA analysis as accurate as blood?

Yes! The DNA in the cheek cell is exactly the same as those found in blood sample. Cheek cell collection is a very convenient and painless procedure. The swab can be easily stored and shipped compared to blood samples too.

How long does it take to get report?

The standard report delivery period is within 4-6 weeks. It might take slightly longer under special circumstances such as movement control order (in Malaysia) and circuit breaker (in Singapore).

How do I receive my report?

The report will be emailed to you once it is ready. You may choose the language of the report, Chinese and/or English.

Will anyone explain to me the result of the report?

Yes definitely! We provide complementary 1-1 online consultation once the report is out. We also provide lifetime complementary support and consultation for all our clients. You may contact us anytime for advice at different stages during your child's development.

What should parents do after getting the report?

During our 1-1 consultation, our consultant will strategize developmental plan together iwth parents. We will highlight the stregths and potential weaknesses of the children, and advice the different programs that the child can attend. Neucles will also organize both online and offline workshops either for parents or child. We will inform you on our upcoming activities via Whatsapp or Email.

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