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Meet Our Favourite Local Businesses: Crunch Female Fitness

This week we spoke with Amanda Hefferan from Crunch Female Fitness to learn a bit more about the gym and how they're operating during Covid.

What is Crunch Female Fitness?

Crunch offers 60+ classes per week ranging from Yoga, Pilates, HIIT, Zumba, ABS & BUTTS, Boxing, Functional Circuit, Barbell and much more! We are also just about to open our new Reformer Pilates Studio which will launch with 27 classes per week.

As well as this, we live-stream many of our classes to allow you to exercise at home if you can’t get into the gym. Plus, we have a great selection of cardio and weights equipment with Personal Trainers who offer small group and 1:1 Personal Training to really challenge you.

Who can benefit most from attending Crunch Female Fitness?

Crunch is for all ladies, young & old. Why ladies only you might ask? Well, the equipment and classes are all designed to suit women and the instructors all specialise in helping women improve their fitness, strength, stamina & flexibility.

We can also assist those with injuries, pregnancy and other special needs. We also have a creche to allow mums to have that important time-out to do something for themselves.

What sets Crunch Female Fitness apart from other gyms?

Crunch is a community where local women come to train in a non-threatening, safe, welcoming and fun environment. It’s a very social gym where women support women, set fitness goals together and laugh a lot! You really don’t have to worry what you look like either!

What are your 3 best health tips to keep fit during lockdown?

i. STICK TO A ROUTINE: It’s important to have this structure within you week. Schedule your workouts & walks so that you have made a commitment to yourself. The feeling of accomplishment after a workout will make you feel great and help you to sleep better.

ii. STRETCH: Factor in regular stretching sessions throughout the day. Just for a few minutes every hour or two, especially if you are working from home and have to sit a lot.

iii. BREATHE: Make sure you take some long, deep breaths throughout your day and sit quietly focussing on just your breathing. Try to clear your mind of anything else. This will have a knock-on effect as it can help with your general wellbeing, making you feel more inclined to want to stay active and fit. Yoga will help you to achieve all of the above!

Here is a link to a Yoga class for you to enjoy at home, compliments of Crunch Female Fitness Centre!

How can people get in contact to find out more about Crunch Female Fitness?

You can call us on 9518 1588, email us

Book in for a free workout at

Or drop in and see us when we re-open at: MarketPlace Shopping Centre, Cnr Marion & Flood Streets, Leichhardt.


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