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Meet Audrey -Remedial Massage Therapist

How long have you been a massage therapist? I started my massage therapy journey in 2018.

What was your experience before Realign Health? I have been treating clients as a mobile massage therapist since 2019, providing therapy services to clients in their homes. I also have a background in hospitality and customer service.

What did you like about Realign Health and what was your reason for joining our team? I was drawn to Realign Health Clinic because, as a new local, it was important for me to be part of the community. I appreciated the shared values with Realign Health in providing quality services that meet clients' needs and expectations.

Why did you choose to become a massage therapist and why do you love it? Touch being my primary love language, it was natural for me to pursue a career in massage therapy.

What do you love the most about your profession? - The human side of the job is what matters most to me. I love providing support, creating a safe space, and engaging in one-on-one sessions with clients, as it allows me to fulfill that purpose.

How do you try to relax in your downtime? Depending on the time of my menstrual cycle, relaxing during downtime for me can involve activities such as meditation in a park, taking an ice bath on the beach at sunrise, or dancing alone at home.

What are your hobbies? My hobbies include sculpting (fairly new), reading, and gardening.

How do you stay fit and healthy? I stay fit and healthy through activities such as bouldering, practicing yoga, and consuming homemade nourishing food.

How do you relax? I find relaxation through internal connection, tuning in to what my body needs, whether it's a hug from a loved one, a session in a float tank, or a hike.

What is your guilty pleasure? - My guilty pleasure is binge-watching TV shows.

What would people be surprised to know about you? What might come as a surprise to others is my underlying strength, which may not be immediately apparent at first glance. Thanks to a combination of massage, bouldering, and my experience in hospitality, I've managed to keep my arms in great shape.

If you weren’t a massage therapist, what would you be doing? I would pursue a career as a singer!! .... Just joking, I have the worst singing skills ever. If I weren't a massage therapist, I'd envision myself living in a remote community surrounded by nature, rescued animals, and kind-hearted individuals.

What are you most excited about doing at Realign Health? I am most excited about being part of a team of experienced and inspiring specialists from whom I will have the opportunity to learn and grow.

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